Order A Machined Stock For Your Project, Repair Or Restoration


EFFECTIVE Nov 2022 Until Further Notice:

Demand for custom work is such that Australian Classic Rifle Stocks is not taking orders until further notice. I will, however, machine stocks occasionally and list them for sale at Blog posts will continue on an occasional basis.

Machined Stock Prices - The Labour, Blank, And Options Are Priced Separately

Raw Blanks Not Sold Individually

Labour Only Pricing ($AUD) To Machine Duplicate of Pattern

Stock - Blank Used Is Extra - See Opposite for Blank Pricing:

Most One-Piece Magazine Rifle Stocks $325-525

Most Two-Piece Rifle Stocks w/Forend $425-600

BSA Cadet, Greener GP Etc w/ Forend $225-325

Complex stocks, Take-Downs etc POA

Price varies according to action type and level of detail required to complete inletting and shaping of stock, cross-bolt inlets etc.

Supply Additional Items (grip cap not fitted, please enquire re size and style, screw options and cost):

Material                    Fore-end Tip               Grip Cap w/o screw

Rosewood               POA                                $ 90

Ebony                       POA                                $ 125

Buffalo Horn           POA                                $ 125

Cross-bolts - prices vary according to number to be fitted and type to be fitted POA

Changes to Drop and Cast      POA

Changes to Trigger-To-Grip     POA

Add/remove nominated extra wood c.f. pattern POA

Other services such as supply/fit recoil pads, swivel bases, escutcheons etc POA

I also offer glassing-in of your metalwork via my TAS Dealer Lic# 69844, for a true custom mirror inlet. POA and strictly by prior arrangement. Labour required to complete varies a lot.

Pattern Development and Fitting POA

Walnut Blank Pricing Per Grade ($AUD)- Labour To Machine is Extra (Blanks Not Sold Individually):

X Grade: White Coloured Walnut   - One Piece Rifle $60+

                                                                  - Two Piece Rifle $40+

XX Grade: Honey Coloured Walnut  - One Piece Rifle $125+

                                                                    - Two Piece Rifle 90+

XXX Grade: Darker Walnut                  - One Piece Rifle $275+

                                                                     - Two Piece $175+

EXH Grade: Exhibition Grade Walnut - One Piece Rifle $950+

                                                                     - Two Piece Rifle $750+

Prices vary somewhat according to figure, contrast etc in each grade. Big-bore suitable blanks and ultra-lightweight blanks command extra money. In the better grades,  blanks of superior texture, grain flow and finest pores will always command extra money. The best blanks in each of the above grades carry a "SELECT" sub-grading at extra cost. Personalised blank selection is an extra cost option. Further info on the Walnut Grades page.

-All blanks seasoned 10+ years-


Packaging per stock                           $ 15.

Postage                                                as per Post Office price.

Insurance if requested                      as per Post Office price

Freight/transport company             as per Company price.

Insurance if requested                      as per Company price

No Liability for lost or damaged items outside of our workshop.

Notice: Payment of any invoice issued by Australian Classic Rifle Stocks or Gordon Cusens for a machined stock (past, present or future) represents an agreement between ACRS and The Customer that my pattern IS NOT to be duplicated or used as the basis or supplied to a third party, to make another stock or another pattern. The ACRS Pattern Range and products sold or donated are subject to Copyright for the same reasons.